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This is an index of free and open source communications tools for your home and small office. Use these resources to minimize costs of your nonprofit.


Tokbox is the latest rage in web based communications. Skype may have a hold over the free video and voice calls at the moment, but don't forget, this is the technological world and there's always another disruptive technology that comes along. The amazing thing about Tokbox is that it does not require downloading software!


As we mentioned in support, loves what Ushahidi has done and more nonprofits and ngos need to know about them ;) Crowdsourcing is a bit of a buzzword right now and we want to help explain this term more simply... Basically as an example, Ushahidi offers an open source platform for crisis management.


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ZOHO is a must have for nonprofits period. We're not sure if this is what ZOHO stands for but we'd like to call it "Zen Office, Home Office" :) Thanks to Jacqueline Lawson for the video comparison to Google docs!

Google Grants

Google Grants is a program especially for nonprofits to advertise their work to the world. Basically, your organization will be featured if you qualify for a google grant. So when someone googles something related to your nonprofit work, your organization will be featured as an ad in google searches.

Google Apps

Google Apps for nonprofits is free for notforprofit organizations. You can look at the details on the site but basically at the moment, the Education Edition is the free for nonprofits. Also, you can qualify for a discount on Google's Premier Edition as a nonprofit and that's only necessary if you have over 3,000 users in your organization ;) is the more tech savvy version of FriendFeed and Twitter. What we mean by that is, FreedFeed may aggregate more social media sites, Twitter may have the most twits but at, the innovators - the people that work hard to make/develop the Internet and its applications - are there! ;)


You might say this is obvious, but in reality, there are still people out there that do not use Skype and need help using it! This is our favorite Internet calling software and although techies don't like the fact that the source is closed, most of them will agree that Skype has the best quality thus far.


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Flowtown encourages businesses to take a closer look at their contact list. By importing your .csv file or "contacts" from an email account, one or more of your social networks, et cetera, you can see the social influence of your friends and colleagues in the networks where they've made their profiles public. Besides the concern of privacy, let us take the perspective of the social entrepreneur (even though still doesn't quite get this term)...

Fax Zero

So we've decided not to make another category just for fax, simply because we only have one option right now. And, we'd like to find something international one day... In the meantime, FaxZero allows a free fax of a .doc, .docx, or .pdf to the US and Canada. The file should be a maximum of 3 pages and you're only allowed 2 faxes per day. For a small NGO, this should suffice but if you're larger and wanting more, sorry could not find an alternative.


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