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Wow, are we serious? Email should be added to this community list at this point in time?? The answer is Yes.

Since iGetcha's team has experience in capacity building globally, we have discovered that the digital divide is larger than some people think. Especially those in "Western" and "developed" countries, do not know that a school and even a university in "less developed" countries do not use email for anything... Really.

Not only students but also adults in these less developed countries are at an extreme disadvantage and we hope that someone is out there helping them as some of our volunteers have done...


See video

ZOHO is a must have for nonprofits period. We're not sure if this is what ZOHO stands for but we'd like to call it "Zen Office, Home Office" :) Thanks to Jacqueline Lawson for the video comparison to Google docs!

Google Apps

Google Apps for nonprofits is free for notforprofit organizations. You can look at the details on the site but basically at the moment, the Education Edition is the free for nonprofits. Also, you can qualify for a discount on Google's Premier Edition as a nonprofit and that's only necessary if you have over 3,000 users in your organization ;)

Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail is one of the popular free webmail sites. If you don't know much about webmail/email, please add some questions to the community and we'll hopefully get back to you.


Gmail has become one of the most famous webmails today, and we must say we do love the themes, color collating, the interface, et cetera. Since it has become so popular though, the uptime services and small bugs (ie blank emails being sent) have disappointed once in a while. A bit like Facebook and Twitter, Gmail has experienced the pains of scaling and reliability may be an issue moving forward but we figure the geniuses over there won't let us down ;)


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