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The iGetcha Team realizes that mobile solutions are developing and there is this movement towards free technologies such as Android and more recently, Symbian. One day, we hope the costs associated to these mobile technologies approaches zero simply because at the moment, the developing world is not able to use the latest technologies for nonprofit initiatives. What we want to do is, illustrate the applications that use more simple systems such as SMS, Java, and Opera Mini because a person in the developing world may not have a smartphone at this moment in time. By filtering out the high cost services to the end user and making it apparent that a nonprofit can use some free and open source software for the "mobilization" of social work, the nonprofit community and even the community itself can start more movements for change...

By the way, for many websites out there, use the m. subdomain to access a site for less cost :) For example, We're working on this site at the moment so please be patient. If you open the site on your Symbian phone or other mobile operating system we're hoping it will suffice for now ;)


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Drupal is simply best in our opinion. The reason we say this is because the content management system has loads of plugins and support on their website is stellar. In fact, when compared to Wordpress, you can make your site mobile relatively easily with modules and request support from the community.


As we mentioned in support, loves what Ushahidi has done and more nonprofits and ngos need to know about them ;) Crowdsourcing is a bit of a buzzword right now and we want to help explain this term more simply... Basically as an example, Ushahidi offers an open source platform for crisis management.


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ZOHO is a must have for nonprofits period. We're not sure if this is what ZOHO stands for but we'd like to call it "Zen Office, Home Office" :) Thanks to Jacqueline Lawson for the video comparison to Google docs! is the more tech savvy version of FriendFeed and Twitter. What we mean by that is, FreedFeed may aggregate more social media sites, Twitter may have the most twits but at, the innovators - the people that work hard to make/develop the Internet and its applications - are there! ;)

Fax Zero

So we've decided not to make another category just for fax, simply because we only have one option right now. And, we'd like to find something international one day... In the meantime, FaxZero allows a free fax of a .doc, .docx, or .pdf to the US and Canada. The file should be a maximum of 3 pages and you're only allowed 2 faxes per day. For a small NGO, this should suffice but if you're larger and wanting more, sorry could not find an alternative.

Silverbackers is an educational game on Java (J2ME). You can learn more about Gorilla Conservation on the website. Here, the files are provided to be downloaded and passed along to others with Java enabled mobile phones.


As the social media evolution continues to evolve, there are hundreds of aggregators or application tools to collate your information online. Whether it is Tweets, FB statuses, LinkedIn updates or MySpace, TweetDeck makes organizing all the shouts (as Internet users used to call them in the early 90s) a lot easier.

Google Buzz

UPDATE: Google Buzz has ended because of Google+. We'll write another review soon on how best to use G+ like Facebook.


So what's all this buzz about? Google Buzz.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is the iGetcha choice for nonprofits only because not every in the world can afford a smart phone, iPhone, Android phone, et cetera. With the Opera Mini, you can open websites on your mobile phone and it minimizes the amount of Kbs downloaded. In reality, mobile Internet is not as expensive as you think so consider it if you are a nonprofit. Also because of the popularity of Opera desktop on this site, we've decided to mention it to nonprofits as well.


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