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Category: Blogs and MicroBlogsSyndicate content Syndicate content Syndicate content is the more tech savvy version of FriendFeed and Twitter. What we mean by that is, FreedFeed may aggregate more social media sites, Twitter may have the most twits but at, the innovators - the people that work hard to make/develop the Internet and its applications - are there! ;)

Drupal Gardens

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Drupal Gardens is a cool Acquia Drupal site that makes launching a basic site for your needs as not only a nonprofit but as a business a well. Look for this customizeable, Drupal, point-and-click type interface to improve and make it a lot easier to launch a Drupal site.


There is potential and much more than we think. Although nonprofits and NGOs have not found as many ways to use Foursquare as much as individuals, we need to be creative and think about what Foursquare really provides our community. For one, it's fun. You get trophies, awards, a title... All for exploring the world. With "check-ins" and "nights out", you can do a lot more with Foursquare than you think ;)


As the social media evolution continues to evolve, there are hundreds of aggregators or application tools to collate your information online. Whether it is Tweets, FB statuses, LinkedIn updates or MySpace, TweetDeck makes organizing all the shouts (as Internet users used to call them in the early 90s) a lot easier.

Google Buzz

UPDATE: Google Buzz has ended because of Google+. We'll write another review soon on how best to use G+ like Facebook.


So what's all this buzz about? Google Buzz.

Open Atrium

Open Atrium is in a league of its own ;) This open source software creates an Intranet that will take your nonprofit to the next level. iGetcha loves what these people are doing and we wish more techies would contribute to the social benefit world in these ways...


The iGetcha team did not have much exposure to Wordpress but we did utilize the Drupal module inspired by Ankesh Kothari's Buy Me a Beer Wordpress plugin :)



A done deal with Facebook, FriendFeed is focusing on live microblogging. The question is, as Google Buzz or another web 2.0 application gains popularity who will be on top?


We don't know much about Plurk, but it has been recognized in the Social Media world. iGetcha's suggestion is to check out all these social media tools and find what works best for you. They all can be used to leverage your nonprofit. Marketing and outreach has become a little easier because of these types of Internet tools and yes, this is just the beginning. With nonprofits and technology, iGetcha knows that sky's the limit :)


You might say that everyone has a blog, which everyone knows is not true. Now, think of nonprofits and you will know for sure that nonprofit blogs are less common than individual blogs. iGetcha itself does not have a blog, but we know that this is an important tool to just keep those interested updated about your work. An interesting trend in blogging is microblogging, which surprises the iGetcha team. We guess that being long winded and verbose has succumbed to being short and succinct ;)


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