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Content Managment Systems (CMS) require some technical ability, but iGetcha wants to provide this option to nonprofits because it's a powerful application if you learn how to use it. If you do not have backend support or someone with the ability to setup a server and install the software, we recommend using a blogging system. Remember though, content managements systems will make your website more versatile and you can add-on ecommerce applications, social media features and much, much more! If we did it, you can do it ;)


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Drupal is simply best in our opinion. The reason we say this is because the content management system has loads of plugins and support on their website is stellar. In fact, when compared to Wordpress, you can make your site mobile relatively easily with modules and request support from the community.

Open Source Training is a really cool. What else can we say? This group shares their knowledge about Drupal, Joomla, and Wordpress... Actually, we stumbled upon their newsletters to help start a mobile website, and we were impressed. But, we don't know if OStraining is actually wanting to share this information to everyone since they are a business...

Drupal Gardens

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Drupal Gardens is a cool Acquia Drupal site that makes launching a basic site for your needs as not only a nonprofit but as a business a well. Look for this customizeable, Drupal, point-and-click type interface to improve and make it a lot easier to launch a Drupal site.

Open Atrium

Open Atrium is in a league of its own ;) This open source software creates an Intranet that will take your nonprofit to the next level. iGetcha loves what these people are doing and we wish more techies would contribute to the social benefit world in these ways...

Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is in a category of its own but iGetcha has included it in the content management and ecommerce sections because it's a must have for any website that a nonprofit launches. Again, this is a free service and you can track users that have viewed your site and find out important data about who favors your site. For example, it sorts by country, connection speed, operating system, et cetera.


The iGetcha team did not have much exposure to Wordpress but we did utilize the Drupal module inspired by Ankesh Kothari's Buy Me a Beer Wordpress plugin :)



Joomla! is cosmetically more user friendly than Drupal in iGetcha's opinion, but there's not as much support when compared to Drupal's site. Joomla! has interesting add-ons because there can be charges associated to utilizing an extension. Nonprofits should take note on this comment because you might want more than what the free extensions have to offer and iGetcha wants your costs as close to zero as possible :)


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