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eCrater is an awesome site for nonprofits. You can create your online shop to sell anything you want to support your cause. iGetcha noticed that they allow you to create sites globally but they do not offer a translated interface. To offer this globally means that all nonprofits can use this eCommerce site to raise funds! Think of eCrater as the Ning of eCommerce. Just like Ning, you can create :)

Uber Cart

Uber Cart is iGetcha's choice in open source eCommerce software. It is compatible with Drupal and Joomla!, and it has loads of features and support. Our big surprise is that there's no Uber site that let's someone open an eCommerce website online automatically.

Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is in a category of its own but iGetcha has included it in the content management and ecommerce sections because it's a must have for any website that a nonprofit launches. Again, this is a free service and you can track users that have viewed your site and find out important data about who favors your site. For example, it sorts by country, connection speed, operating system, et cetera.

Drupal eCommerce

Although the Drupal eCommerce module may not be the best eCommerce solution out there, iGetcha wants the nonprofit community to recognize that, generally speaking, the modules Drupal provides are the best out there. iGetcha favors Uber Cart as an add-on to Drupal but Drupal eCommerce will suffice if you are technically versed.


Again, iGetcha does not know much about Magento except that they do have an open source community edition. If you're not tech savvy, we still recommend simpler sites like eCrater, and if you're tech savvy, we recommend Uber Cart.


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