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In the non-profit and NGO world, health is always a focus for the betterment of communities. It is with reluctance that the iGetcha team adds this section to our site simply because the learning curve for these types of systems can be relatively steep. Again, every free software solution you see on this website has been tried out unless specifically mentioned otherwise, and we are Not software developers. For EMRs, it is a great challenge for us to install these types of systems with what we think is slightly above average, technical capacity. But, we know how important systems such as FrontlineSMS, OpenMRS, and OpenEMR can electronically help healthcare across the globe, so we want to share our experiences with you.

We have included this category in the "nonprofits with Internet" section because typically, the files to download are relatively large (ie 90+ Mbytes). Once downloaded and installed, your nonprofit will not require Internet for these systems.

Open EMR

OpenEMR is free, open source software for management of medical records. EMR systems are necessary to help manage all that paperwork to efficiently assist the community with healthcare.



OpenMRS is another free and open source system to manage medical records. The iGetcha team installed this system on a local linux machine and at first glance, the interface is much more user-friendly than OpenEMR. The only catch is, OpenMRS was difficult to install. As we have mentioned in several writings, we are an above average team in terms of technical capacity and we are not coders.


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