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ZOHO is a must have for nonprofits period. We're not sure if this is what ZOHO stands for but we'd like to call it "Zen Office, Home Office" :) Thanks to Jacqueline Lawson for the video comparison to Google docs!

Google Apps

Google Apps for nonprofits is free for notforprofit organizations. You can look at the details on the site but basically at the moment, the Education Edition is the free for nonprofits. Also, you can qualify for a discount on Google's Premier Edition as a nonprofit and that's only necessary if you have over 3,000 users in your organization ;)

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a must use for nonprofits seeking to find their target programs. This is a valuable tool for nonprofits and iGetcha knows if you're trying to survey an audience with minimal costs, it's not easy. Check out Survey Monkey and you're nonprofit will not only save on cost but paper too ;)

Survey Monkey simply creates surveys online and with some clicks and customized questions, you can have online surveys ready for your community and your nonprofit initiative :)

Google Docs

Google Docs is an interesting concept. As the whole world starts to all get on the web, an online office and online applications will be the standard way businesses operate. So the point is, nonprofits will need to work in the same way if they have the resources to operate in a cloud of course ;)


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Why use MailChimp instead of your nonprofit info email address? Essentially, you need to get the word out to a group of friends, colleagues, and peers that you're working on some stuff for the benefit of humanity. And, Facebook or other social media is not the way to go since all of those in your email contact list don't use those networks or are dispersed throughout multiple, different networks.


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