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Spread Firefox Affiliate ButtonIf you don't know Firefox, iGetcha will assume you're just getting started with the Internet - which is better late than never as they say :) Firefox is simply a must for a nonprofit and should be communicated to those that are part of the global digital divide.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is the iGetcha choice for nonprofits only because not every in the world can afford a smart phone, iPhone, Android phone, et cetera. With the Opera Mini, you can open websites on your mobile phone and it minimizes the amount of Kbs downloaded. In reality, mobile Internet is not as expensive as you think so consider it if you are a nonprofit. Also because of the popularity of Opera desktop on this site, we've decided to mention it to nonprofits as well.

Google Chrome

One of our disappointments of a Google app :p Chrome is a sleek browser that gets you online quickly and hence, the idea of Chrome OS. The one criticism iGetcha has is that there is no RSS feeds for this browser. This is why we prefer Firefox :) But if you're using IE, we suggest switching to Chrome if you don't like Firefox for some strange reason ;) Our peers do claim that Chrome is much faster than Firefox.


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