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As a non-profit without Internet, you might say that you do not need protection from viruses, worms and spyware. Well, spyware protection may not be needed but since the world operates heavily online, files with viruses attached and worms replicating themselves can still make it to your computer. At the minimum, a non-profit without Internet should have a virus protection program and update as much as possible with the idea that you will be online soon. Also, worm protection should be considered as well.


AVG AntiVirus Free Edition is a great antivirus software for your computer. When Google Chrome OS and other open source operating systems start to have a greater impact on the market, and when nonprofits start to see the value of Ubuntu ;) they won't have to worry about viruses. But in the meantime for your windows based computing, AVG has proven to be reliable.

Avira AntiVir

Avira is yet another free Antivirus protection program for your PC. With all these options as a struggling nonprofit, why pay for Symantec or another expensive software? Again, iGetcha is not knocking proprietary software but we, in our mission, want to provide some alternatives to those struggling nonprofits and NGOs. It's all in an effort to stop piracy as well :)


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