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Sugar on a Stick

Sugar on a StickSugar on a Stick is an awesome tool for nonprofit initiatives at schools requiring an out-of-the-box operating system (OS) for children.

Silverbackers is an educational game on Java (J2ME). You can learn more about Gorilla Conservation on the website. Here, the files are provided to be downloaded and passed along to others with Java enabled mobile phones.

Tux Paint

Tux paint is not utilized globally as much as iGetcha would like :( So this site wants to push Tux - the official mascot of Linux kernal - to the forefront in the nonprofit world. Okay, you have Microsoft paint on most PCs but what paint lacks, Tux paint and GIMP make up for it!

Tux Typing

Tux Typing is one of the best, free educational tools from Tux4Kids :) Go to Tux4Kids and find much, much more! iGetcha really wants nonprofits, teachers, and educational institutions to take advantage of the opportunity to offer amazing software to students and children!


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