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Someone's comments about buying out open source when it gets good doesn't work for the community and nonprofits. Since Open Office has been controlled by Oracle, the free and open collaboration has not quite been free and open as of late.


Why use Photoshop when GIMP is for free?! Not all Gimpnonprofits know this application and it's one of the most valuable resources to have if you can't afford Photoshop. It's exactly the same! Well, maybe not exactly but it has all the features that you have in Photoshop and it's (you guessed it!) open source and free!


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Spread ThunderbirdThunderbird is one of the best free email client out there for nonprofits.


For those nonprofits dependent on an Outlook Calendar, Lightning adds on to your Thunderbird so that you can schedule meetings with everyone inside and outside your organization. Also check out SunBird as an option from Mozilla Foundation too!

VLC Media Player

VideoLAN - VLC media player is the best media player for free because it has most codecs installed. If you use windows, you know that there's always a codec missing when you're trying to play a video. With VLC, you don't need to download anything (at least, in our experience ;) Also, if you're trying to play multi-region DVDs, VLC is your video player. It plays all regions, and it works on a Mac too.

If you haven't head about, your non-profit should give it a try. Again, Photoshop is expensive and for some, Gimp takes a bit getting used to if you're used to Photoshop. Our testers said that the user interface and menus are similar to Photoshop, but Gimp does just about the same amount of functions.


Actually, iGetcha is surprised how little NGO-in-a-Box is utilized. Ideally, nonprofits could spread the files that NGO-in-a-Box has provided and help those small initiatives such as a shelter with obsolete software or no software on PCs. As a nonprofit, if you as a nonprofit want to distribute DVDs/CDs with free and open source software, NGO-in-a-Box provides iso files for you to put on DVDs/CDs.

Use these tools as a core and you can build around NGO-in-a-Box with iGetcha's suggestions :)

Gmail offline

Gmail offline recently graduated from a 0.4 version in December of 2009. Take this email client seriously if your nonprofit operates with a Google account.


Scribus is open source desktop publishing that is featured in NGO-in-a-box. Scribus has been around for 6+ years and you can use it for brochures, posters and newletters for example :) This is awesome for nonprofits! Now the question is, how do we get free printers and printer cartridges to make our nonprofit brochures ;) Check out if you're in the US.

Open Workbench

Open Workbench is the only project management tool for free that iGetcha could find online. Although it may not be as good as commercial project management software, look for it to improve as more users start to utilize open source and free software. If you're not on the wired in consistently for the Internet, this is the tool for your nonprofit. If you are wired, we recommend ZOHO.


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