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Why use Photoshop when GIMP is for free?! Not all Gimpnonprofits know this application and it's one of the most valuable resources to have if you can't afford Photoshop. It's exactly the same! Well, maybe not exactly but it has all the features that you have in Photoshop and it's (you guessed it!) open source and free!

If you haven't head about, your non-profit should give it a try. Again, Photoshop is expensive and for some, Gimp takes a bit getting used to if you're used to Photoshop. Our testers said that the user interface and menus are similar to Photoshop, but Gimp does just about the same amount of functions.

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons is really important for not only the non-profit world, but also, education in terms of development. You might have noticed that links to Wikipedia often, and the reason is that the idea of creative commons is something encourages and we want to help promote this idea of creative sharing throughout the world...


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