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Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly versionSend to friendSend to friendPDF version is a 501c3 nonprofit with a small team composed of experienced capacity building volunteers. We have worked with nonprofits, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and companies globally. Some of us have minimal experience in the Information Technology (IT) sector and with this website, we are illustrating that launching a website in modern times does not require a full-time IT specialist. We contract 1 (albeit excellent) system administrator to monitor the site and in reality, we are geek wannabes. is the 1st nonprofit to nonprofit (N2N) community in favor of "Simple" free software to fill digital gaps worldwide. We have started another grassroots movement dedicated to promote free software, open source, and most recently dubbed, "freemium" software to nonprofits because we think there is a lack of a proper community in this field. Yes, we believe GNU,, and are awesome but at the same time, we think not everyone understands those sites. We want to break this barrier between the so called "complexity" of open source and free software, and make it apparent that "simplicity" can be found. Our goal is simply to find all the user-friendly stuff (not just FLOSS) so that nonprofits and NGOs can easily leverage technology to support their social benefit work.

Of course in cases such as building a website or learning to use a new software, we all need to work hard (some harder than others). But we are in the "development of nonprofits" and we did not join the not-for-profit world to work less! In fact, sometimes we dedicate our whole lives striving to have free books online, get donations to that shelter, find volunteers to help the disadvantaged and just simply help someone...

Our team offers you this site to make a difference in a specific way. We have come out of garage mode and we have donated our time, efforts and resources to bring this site to you for free. And our team dreams of having information and technology free and accessible for everyone.


We are hoping in the future we can redesign the site for accessibility, but at the moment, we do not have the resources to support this endeavour. If you'd like to support the site, please donate a latte or two to keep us on caffeine so we can keep moving! Click the latte below :)

If you would like to sponsor the site or provide us funds through a grant for example, we are not experienced grant writers so please contact us at support [at] only if you can assist us in the process of applying for a grant or obtaining funds. This is the reason, unfortunately, we need to utilize Google AdSense to sustain the site initially because we have used our own funds to start the nonprofit and the site. Our goal is to remove ads in the future and be less reliant on advertisements. To our users, we apologize for the ads. We have made a strong effort to filter out inappropriate ads. Also, the iGetcha team would like to note that we are not paid or rewarded in any way to recommend any of the open source software or company applications listed on the site besides the use of Paypal, Google Ads, Dreamhost Affiliation, SpreadFireFox Affliation and SpreadThunderBird Affiliation.

There are too many people to thank, so we'd just like to say thank you to all our families, friends and colleagues because without your support, mentorship and guidance this site would not be possible. Also we'd like to give special thanks to the Drupal community, Adaptive Themes, and all the community module builders that contributed to this site. We are grateful that you made it much easier for us to launch. Thank you for donating your time, efforts and resources as well. We hope this returns the favor in some way...

Thank you and enjoy our site!

The iGetcha Team :)

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