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Drupal is simply best in our opinion. The reason we say this is because the content management system has loads of plugins and support on their website is stellar. In fact, when compared to Wordpress, you can make your site mobile relatively easily with modules and request support from the community. Thanks to Level 10 Drupal Labs for the Installation Tutorial above!

Drupal helped us become more technical in a way, but also, allowed us to stay simple. Some may find Drupal's site confusing, but it's all free so think twice before going to other Content Management Systems. For example, Joomla! in comparison has extensions that are free and not free. iGetcha wants to mostly bring nonprofits and NGOs the free options and at the same time, provide nonprofits reasonable alternatives. Since we deployed a Drupal platform (maybe not as fast as an IT guy doing it in 5 minutes, but 2 hours ain't bad for non-techies ;), we highly recommend you to try and learn Drupal :)


Also if you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Drupal has loads of modules and other content management systems such as Wordpress has been known not to be as SEO friendly. Remember, once you bring your nonprofit online, you may need to learn a bit more technically to optimize your work in areas such as marketing and outreach, user-friendliness, web 2.0 and beyond...

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