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There is potential and much more than we think. Although nonprofits and NGOs have not found as many ways to use Foursquare as much as individuals, we need to be creative and think about what Foursquare really provides our community. For one, it's fun. You get trophies, awards, a title... All for exploring the world. With "check-ins" and "nights out", you can do a lot more with Foursquare than you think ;)

For example, you can go to places where social change gatherings take place, promoting your work in areas such as environmental initiatives, IT capacity building, or health projects. Although there's a lot of advertising of restaurants and bars on Foursquare, why can we not promote social benefit initiatives?

The downside is, you need to have a mobile phone with the capability of running the "developed" Foursquare for check-ins and nights out to really appreciate it. In some parts of the world, smartphones are not so easily attainable.. Can we ask, what about the developing world? We tried this on an Opera Mini and it opened the home page with 47kb. Dear Foursquare, can you at least think about other parts of the world where not everyone has a Droid and kbytes to throw away? :p

Here's the magic link if you are in a less "developed" country: Paste this into your browser, and you'll have a minimal mobile login and interface.

This link will work on an Opera Mini, but bewarned, in a lot of unchartered territories, you'll have difficulty "checking in"! The reason is, you'll need to search for a location, and if your place is not listed, you'll need to add all the details such as address and phone number. Not too user-friendly in our nonprofit perspective.

On the other hand, think about the people you can reach as nonprofit or NGO. Similar to Facebook, Foursquare or other next trend gathers a user base that we want to reach as nonprofits. And to change the world you need to get people involved! What a better way to that than have a little fun on a game-like Foursquare, and focus on your missions and what you want to change in this world ;)

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May 18, 2010 by Anonymous, 8 years 1 week ago
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If you've heard of Mytown, I have a similar comment-argument from this post. It only works on the iPhone but could be useful to the non-profit sector if they cared.

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