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As you might have noticed through our tweets, is worried about privacy as well | RT @DotRights and @EFF. And although we support Google in their efforts to help nonprofits, there's still some concern about search and an individual's (even an organization's) privacy. Enter

The main feature we like about Startpage's search engine is that it does not record your IP address. Of course, there's more intricate technology such as the Tor Project that can help with anonymity, but we "try" to keep things simple for nonprofits. With Startpage, you have something as easy as Google. In fact, it aggregates most search sites and gives a "star" for each search engine that rates a search the same. We think this is pretty cool ;)

And even though does not come up as often in some searches we've tested on Startpage, we still like it a lot. We even suggest downloading their search engine add-on for your browser and setting it to default too!

As a side note, if you're wondering why we use tweets, well... just wants to get the word out about stuff for nonprofits so that's why we have a public stance on that side. In our recent tweet (identi), we've announced that we'll be using simultaneously. This will help address the question of "tweet" property rights, and with, everything is creative commons :)

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