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Yahoo! Mail

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Yahoo! Mail is one of the popular free webmail sites. If you don't know much about webmail/email, please add some questions to the community and we'll hopefully get back to you.

The only item that would like to point out about webmail is, when comparing Yahoo! Mail to Gmail, has actually had more success uploading files. Yahoo! Mail is/was restricted to sending 10 Mbytes (Mb) total as email attachments, but we prefer it in the uploading regard. Also, Gmail's privacy is also a concern recently with its unified privacy policy, but essentially, all email clients in the "Cloud" can track or scan your emails for targeted ads.

The best way to use any cloud email accounts is to use AdBlock Plus and Firefox for example. This will block all ads in your email. Another recommendation is that you use an email client like Thunderbird and keep all your emails on your own hard drive instead of leaving them in the cloud.

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