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ZOHO is a must have for nonprofits period. We're not sure if this is what ZOHO stands for but we'd like to call it "Zen Office, Home Office" :) Thanks to Jacqueline Lawson for the video comparison to Google docs!

If you have Internet, this website is much more powerful than Google docs and also, since Gmail has had server issues because of its popularity, this may be the next best place to go even for email. Actually, iGetcha could not believe the amount of tools available for free. As you can see in the related categories, Zoho offers email, a calendar, web conferencing, social networking, chat and much more. All in one interface! Some criticisms we have is that they do charge for additional services but it's not a requirement for many of the core services. For example, you can only post one project online and need to pay for additional ones. Also, their web conferencing dragged a bit when we tested it but that might have improved by now ;)

As for security, ZOHO has provided https now :) You will need to active it though and you may need to logout and back in to see the effect. ZOHO has even given the option for restricted IPs!... One last cool thing is, we like thier mobile site better than Gmail's.

ZOHO basically offers a suite of online tools on one site that no other online service offers at the moment. As a new nonprofit or even an existing nonprofit, explore what ZOHO has to offer. You might find all the online tools that you thought you were missing :) And yes, it's free! And there's NO ADS.

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September 1, 2010 by donna, 7 years 46 weeks ago
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I haven't tried yet ZOHO but now that I find it quite interesting and with great features, I think it's about time to try to use this one. Twitter and Facebook are only some of the favorite social networking site of most people. Social Networking sites are not just intended to amuse people but also to give good information to all. It enables people to get connected and serves as a micro blogging site as well. Through this, we can share our thoughts and ideas that for sure will serve as a helping tool for others.

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Great comment!

September 2, 2010 by webmaster, 7 years 46 weeks ago
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As you can see, we at support social change as well and we loved your boycott BP link ;) Although we're not officially called a "Social Network", we like to think that we're helping others in a social way.

Another project inspired by the Peace Corps, is something we've been tinkering with but it's not open to the general public yet.

Do you think a lot of people would join a Peacebook network? We want to build something maybe that does not have addictive games, brands advertised all over the place, et cetera. And of course, promote social change... Working on a mobile in Africa wouldn't be a bad thing too!

Thanks again for you comment Donna,

The iGetcha Team :)

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October 16, 2010 by steve, 7 years 39 weeks ago
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Actually, a co-founder of FB - Chris Hughes - who also helped on the Obama campaign will be launching a social network for nonprofits. It's called Jumo and you can "Google" it as they say. The answer is "yes" people would join a peacebook network, but the campaigning is the key and the tool does not really matter. Everyone knows Craigslist is not advanced technology, but it works.

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