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Open EMR

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OpenEMR is free, open source software for management of medical records. EMR systems are necessary to help manage all that paperwork to efficiently assist the community with healthcare.


Imagine having a free medical record system that is easy to install. Imagine not having to deal with piles of paperwork if you're a small medical group trying to help out in a developing country. Well, we're lucky volunteers and sponsors have brought us OpenEMR for free because that's what this system provides.

OpenEMR is widely used across the globe and we definitely see why! Practitioners use the software in several developing countries and it is "fully translated in Spanish" and partially translated in Chinese. The beauty of OpenEMR is that it is easily installed on a stand alone system. You do not need a network unless you want to set something up! The iGetcha team has been researching EMR/EHR systems for nonprofits and NGOs, and OpenEMR was installed on a Linux system easily. All we needed to do was pratically double click a downloaded .deb file on Ubuntu and the MySQL database and webpage interface was up and running :)

If you're not a Linux fan, this software works on Windows, OpenBSD and Mac OS X! Remember that we're not developers at so we're providing a nonprofit perspective. Maybe we got lucky installing it on Ubuntu with a MySQL database automatically created, but it was definitely easier than a lot of systems we've been trying to test. So, if you're not highly technical and do not have the resources to hire a IT administrator as a nonprofit with a medical mission, we definitely suggest OpenEMR.

We're most interested in how FrontlineSMS could be integrated with OpenEMR. With this type of integrated system, medical records can be organized efficiently through mobile sms technology and health e-reach would possibly reach ubiquity.

There are rumors that OpenMRS will be integrated with FrontlineSMS, so keep a look out! We will comment on OpenMRS, but thus far, OpenEMR is a much simplier, quick deployable system.

Please note: It is not mandatory to have Internet connection to run this system after installation.


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May 4, 2011 by steve, 7 years 11 weeks ago
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I didn't see a section in support so I'm putting comment. GNUmed may be a good solution for nonprofits as well

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