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Our Mission

Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly versionSend to friendSend to friendPDF version's mission is to assist nonprofits in technological sustainability and to allow every nonprofit in the world to expand their social initiatives through modern, "simple," and free technology. Ultimately, we want to help nonprofits realize that free software and open source are solutions for technological sustainability and to prove that not everyone has to be a geek to use open source :) Also, we want nonprofits to know that is not strictly supporting open source. As long the technologies are free costwise for nonprofits (besides download costs) and user-friendly enough for those that are less techie, we support those tools to be leveraged for social benefit work.

WE REALLY WANT TO BRIDGE THE GLOBAL DIGITAL DIVIDE AND MAKE IT A REALITY BY FILLING DIGITAL GAPS WORLDWIDE! With the 1st nonprofit to nonprofit (N2N) community dedicated to free, simple software and technologies, we want to finally bring nonprofits together and hope to foster yet another grassroots movement into realization by encouraging the implementation of "open" and free technology throughout those nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that lack the resources to enhance their capacity to function in the fast-moving, technological world. The importance of this movement is to allow nonprofits and the community to not only understand and use new, free technology but also, share older technology that can still create social change. Remember, not everyone in the world has a smartphone for example.

By providing as up-to-date information as possible about Information Communications Technologies (ICT) and keeping it concise and focused, we hope to assist nonprofits in adapting with technology influenced by external factors such as globalization, modernization and economic climate. Think of as an aggregator that's human ;)

Our goal is to bring the nonprofit community together in one channel focusing on technology needs with minimal costs. In nonprofits and even businesses, global piracy is still an issue and providing this community list will encourage those nonprofits and mom and pop businesses to seek the information to get the appropriate, free software in little time.

At, we provide information about technology but also, we encourage community collaboration because working together is much more important in executing the missions and initiatives nonprofits have set. In the business world, competition makes other businesses flourish and yes, competition can improve nonprofits as well. But in reality, our team feels that, in a community such as ours and other similar types of communities, together we can support each other in the exchange of information, services and goods.

The idealism of nonprofits is to share - technology, innovations, experiences, expertise, resources and much more. Our hope is that this site makes sure nonprofits sustain nonprofits through collaborative and technological means.

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